is from the Netherlands and has after years of  living abroad and roaming the planet, put her roots down in Sweden,
Together with her partner Jan she runs 'Hoo Yoga' and has found the peace and quiet that she has been searching for. At an early age she came into contact with the teachings of Gurdjief and Ouspensky and joined a community in Californie. Back in the Netherlands she became interested in the non-dual teachings of the Advaita Vedanta tradition and to this day she is deeply grateful for the teachings she received from Alexander Smit, who has since passed away. She has now left all 'teaching models' behind and lets life itself be her guide; at times still enjoying listening to talks and meditations of teachers like Adhyashanti, Tara Brach, Prajna and Eckhart Tolle

In Sweden Lisan took up her old love for horsers and you can often find her at the horsefarm of her friend, where they ride the horses bitless and only when the horses come to them of their own free will. Jan and Lisan adapted a streetdog from Greece, Billy Boy. He kind of fell in Lisans lap while she was there teaching yoga and it was love at first sight. So what do you'll bring the dog home with you! Luckily Billy loves the snow in Sweden.

Lisan has done numerous trainings and courses in the field of yoga, meditation, nutrition and massage.
She is a certified Hatha yoga teacher, trained at the Yandara Yoga institute in Mexico and is also certified in Medical Yoga through IMY MediYoga ® in Stockholm. She did a restorative yoga teaching training with Marla Meenakshi Joy and an Embodied leadership training for HSP and stressrecovery with Mia Hozona. These days her offerings are very much inspired by the study of natural movement and somatics. Lisan is currently exploring the work of Kaila June, founder of the Soma Kinese school. Lisans experience of yoga is that once we start to really inhabit our body and awaken our sensitivity, we start to connect with ourselves and with others from a much deeper place of joy and confidence. It is the tapping into this ongoing process that she likes to share with others.



petjewas born in an artistic family and raised in a medieval monastry in the centre of 's-Hertogenbosch. He is educated in bio-dynamic farming and after having worked in that field for a number of years he switched from working on the land to baking organic bread. Later on he became a self-employed all-round carpenter with sustainability as one of his primary concerns. Jan is an experienced beekeeper, a mentor for aspiring beekeepers, a  'life-artist' and a real handy-man. His motto is  'life is a playground', freely explore what this life is all about, never forget to share the good that comes your way with your fellow man and enjoy the ride!

Jan is your host and knows a lot about the history of the area, he loves to have a good chat with the guests and to show them around, whether on foot or by boat. 


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