Gentle hatha yoga and somatics

Lisan has a somatic approach to yoga, meaning she sees yoga as a creative process, rather than a static one. Her wish is for you to be in relationship with your own body and to connect with your own direct experience. We all carry tension in the body from stress and old holding patterns that may not longer serve us but that we are not aware of. Because of our busy lives we often feel disconnected from the stillness that lies within us. Through listening to the body, through releasing, softening and focussing on opening we can connect with our subtle core, and experience a deep sense of inner peace that so many of us seem to long for. Through her years of practising, Lisan has developed her own style and her yoga has become a slowing down, a process of undoing, an invitation to connect with the simple joy of our being. The classes are suited for both beginners and more experienced practitioners. Meditation is woven into morning or evening classes.

The morning classes will be revitalising and start with waking up the body through free somatic movements, followed by pranayama (breathing exercise) and some standing, seated and lying poses. Even though the morning classes are more yang (active) and flowing, you could say that the asana's (yogapostures) are like meditation in motion, linking the movement with the breath, while still building on strength and flexibility.

The evening classes are more yin (passive) and restorative orientated. Yin yoga targets our deeper connective tissues, ligaments and the joints. All tissues in the body need exercise to stay healthy, especially as we age. Yin yoga nourishes and stimulates our organs and balances our energy flow. Because the practise is slow, it helps develop our inner listening. The restorative poses, with the help of bolsters, pillows, blankets and belts, offer the body relief from tension and stiffness and allow for the experience of deep relaxation.


 ''For the first time in my life I experienced total stillness and relaxation. The effects gave me a kind of recovery that I have longed for and needed so badly. I was able to re-connect with a deep sense of wellbeing. Thank you Lisan!''  - Katarina (TorsÃ¥ker)

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