’’Nothing in nature is linear and so our body loves to move as nature moves

In spirals, in waves, in circles

Children still feel this.. untill they don't.   

- Vince Gowmon


Note from Lisan on somatic experiencing:

In Greek, the word soma means something like 'the body living in its wholeness' and refers to our direct felt sense; the aliveness of our inner world.

My experience of yoga is that once we start to really inhabit our body and awaken our sensitivity, we start to connect with ourselves and with others from a much deeper place of joy and confidence. It is the tapping into this ongoing process that I like to share with others.

Behind the confused and controlling mind, the body really has a mind of its own. A much kinder mind than the critical thinking mind. After having fought my fair share of battles in life, the most valuable lesson I have learned is how to let the wisdom of the body guide me. It always knows how to bring me back to a place of inner quiet, of inner spaciousness, of already being okay. From here healing can occur. On the mat there is never a goal to move towards for me. It’s all about the art and enjoyment of interoception, also called ‘the hidden sense that shapes our well-being’ and enables us to sense our body, to notice body signals, to feel emotions, to be self-aware and to enter a state of presence.

Through a process of undoing and acquainting myself with the natural original intelligence of the body, I started to experience the simple joy of moving freely from a state of beingness. Without all the usual habitual striving that comes from doing-ness. I became less interested in the right alignment of the poses, and instead inspired to explore asana and movement from a direct place of inner contact. This resulted in a much more pleasurable, creative and fluid way of moving my body. You could say that presence through movement has become my practise. For many of us it is easier to enter that state of presence through movement than by sitting on a cushion and meditate.

My teachings come from an intuitive place and they evolve as I continue to practise and learn. In essence they are always about the enjoyment of moving the body and connecting to that place of inner calm and peace.



You only have to let the soft animal of your body love waht is loves - Mary Oliver                                                                                   


 ''The yoga that Lisan teaches gave me a whole new expeirence. For the first time in my life I experienced total stillness and deep relaxation. The effects gave me a kind of recovery that I have longed for and needed so badly. It  was beautiful to reconnect to that inner sense of peace and wellbeing and to know it's still there and available to me''  - Katarina (Torsåker)